July 22nd, 2016


You Can Get Deep, Natural Sleep with Sleepzyme

And Avoid Those Sleeping Pills, Sleep Drugs, And Sleeping Medications With Addictive, Dangerous Side Effects



Do you have problems sleeping, maybe it’s hard to fall asleep or maybe to stay asleep once you do OR maybe it’s both unfortunately. Sleepzyme is the answer for this, it’s a very powerful, natural sleep aid…

AND we would like you to you to try it for FREE, normally $39.

Yes, we would like to send you a Free trial bottle of Sleepzyme so you can see how effective it truly is.
Sleepzyme Free TrialSleepzyme Free Trial

So why does Sleepzyme™ work so well?

LivingWell SleepzymeLivingWell Nutraceuticals developed Sleepzyme with the help of many of leading holistic, herbal, and natural medicine experts from around the world. Sleepzyme has the effective, powerful combination of natural sleep aid ingredients.

Many natural sleep aids only have a few ingredients that help to improve your sleep, our special sleep aid formula has seven!

Not only that, but Sleepzyme™ also includes a proprietary blend of enzymes that are specifically designed to breakdown the formula’s ingredients so your body can deliver and use them faster in your system.

Furthermore,these ingredients are safe, effective and natural. They have stood the test of time for thousands of years. People from many different cultures all over the world have used them for all this time.

What we have done is found a way to blend them together to provide the best results. There are many over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription sleeping pills out there. But Sleepzyme provides natural sleep, ISN’T addictive, and there are NO dangerous side effects.American Nutraceutical Association

Why are you giving it away for FREE is it works so well?

Here’s why:

•    You will be able to fall asleep faster and easier than before.
•    You will be able to experience a more deep, restful sleep.
•    You will actually wake up re-energized and feeling great, ready to start your day!

What are the sleep aid ingredients that make Sleepzyme so effective and powerful?

As I mentioned earlier there are 7 natural ingredients that make up the special Sleepzyme formula. Here is what they are and a short explanation of how and why these work to help you sleep better. Also, you can review the label to see exactly what and how much of it – is actually in the Sleepzyme sleep aid.

Melatonin:Sleepzyme Ingredients

A hormone produced in the pineal gland that plays a role in regulating biological rhythms within the body, including sleep and reproductive cycles. Our natural production of melatonin decreases as we get older, since it plays a key role in regulating our circadian rhythms it makes since that using it as a natural sleep supplement helps to improve sleep as we age. We all need melatonin for sleep.

E-D-S Proprietary Enzyme Blend:

A special proprietary blend of enzymes we call E-D-S, which stands for enzyme delivery system. The enzyme delivery system is designed to breakdown all the ingredients, and in doing so more of the sleep aid’s ingredients are used and absorbed. The end result is better than other natural sleep aids that don’t have this delivery system which also helps to disburse the ingredients faster into your system.

Valerian (Root):

A drug made from the root powder that was used as an antispasmodic and nerve sedative but also used as a relaxation and sleep aid traditionally. Valerian root is considered to be a natural remedy for insomnia. There is now evidence to suggest Valerian may improve not only the quality of sleep but also assist in reducing the amount of time required to fall asleep if taken nightly.

Passionflower (aerial part):

Any chiefly American climbing shrub or vine of the genus Passiflora,  having purple, red, green, or yellow showy flowers and a fruit or pulpy berry that is edible in some species. It has been consumed since Incan times in the form of a soothing tea or in the treatment of bruises. Actually, Europeans adopted it as a herbal sleep aid and also a digestive aid. Evidence and studies tend to suggest that passionflower may be a natural supplement useful in promoting sleep patterns that are healthy.

Hops Flower:

Recent scientific research has proven that hops help to support normal sleep patterns.  Hops flower also has a long history of use as a menstrual promoter, infection fighter, digestive aid, and sedative which are all very helpful when it comes to sleeping better.


A sugar alcohol that plays a very crucial role in phospholipids within the brain. Recent evidence suggests that inositol actually helps establish healthy cell membranes. These membranes facilitate nerve impulses and may help to support normal sleep patterns.

Lemon Balm (leaf extract):

Lemon balm (leaf extract) has actually been utilized for a number of purposes through the years. I has been used to treat headaches, inflammation, and various infections. It has also been used as a sleep aid and a tranquilizer. Lemon balm has been safely used since the Middle Ages. Scientific research studies have shown that when it is combined with other herbs such as Passionflower and Hops flower like in Sleepzyme, that there was a noticeable improvement in sleep.

But Buyer Beware…

Please keep in mind that not all natural sleep aids are created equally. Frequently, you will see that a product doesn’t list the specific amounts of each ingredient they use and then they turn around and say it’s a “proprietary formula” and do you know why these companies do this? It’s so they can add a lot of filler and only use a very small amount of the actual active ingredients. To name a few useless fillers that are frequently used, titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide are the main ones used and according to the MMI (Merck Medical Index), there are quite a few negative side effects to your health because of these ingredients.

Does Sleepzyme work for everyone?

No, and that’s the honest truth that most will not tell you about their product, it will not work or be effective for everyone which is why I’m offering a free trial bottle so you can find out for yourself. However, we do have quite a bit a positive feed back and great results! Many people who have used other sleeping pills, sleep drugs, or sleep medicine say they are sleeping better than they have in years versus those other products.

Again, our blend of ingredients has been researched, tested, and proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Most people have noticed an improvement in sleep with the very first use. There are no guarantees, but Sleepzyme is designed to work right away on the first use.

Sleepzyme doesn’t work the same as other sleeping aids, we designed it so that it helps you get back to a normal sleep cycle, ease any trouble you have falling asleep, and ultimately greatly improve the quality of sleep you get… not just overwhelm your body like most sleep drugs do these days.

After trying it, you will probably find that you are feeling better and more rested yes sleeping less. That’s because Sleepzyme will help you get a deep sleep which allows your body the time it needs to rebuild and recover properly.

Are there any dangerous side effects?

No, there are very little side effects, if any from using Sleepzyme. Some people have noted they are slightly groggy the morning after taking our natural sleep aid but this typically happens when not enough time is allotted for sleep and then Sleepzyme is taken too late in the evening. You should allocate at about 6-8 hours towards sleeping time when taking Sleepzyme.

Others have noted a different side effect however most sleeping experts don’t consider it a negative side effect. Since you will be able to achieve a deep sleep for a longer period of time you will probably experience more enhanced dream activity than you have currently. Not really a bad side effect at all, many of us who can’t sleep or have insomnia don’t dream like we used to and we miss it.

I ask you to give Sleepzyme a try today and see how it works for you. This is a risk-free trial and you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. We truly believe there isn’t a better offer or product out there!

But you don’t have to believe me, try it and decide for yourself.

We would like you totry a 30 day supply now for FREE, normally $39!

All we ask that you do is return to our site and give us some feedback via our Sleepzyme Review form. This way we can spread the word and your success story to others who want to know what your experience was like. Pretty fair for a free trial bottle, right?

If you are still feeling skeptical, please don’t. The big pharmaceuticals companies don’t want you to know that a natural sleep aid can work just as good if not better than their product because it’s big business for them. Maybe you’ve tried another natural or herbal sleep aid that didn’t work, but I’m telling you that all sleep aids are not created equally.

If you use the right formula, then will get the results you want and improve your sleep finally. What do you have to lose? Nothing. However, you have so much to gain if it works for you as it does for most people.

I know you’re going to love how Sleepzyme will help you to not only fall asleep easier, but also stay asleep longer and wake up feeling better.

Sleepzyme is how to go asleep fast and how to get a good night sleep. It will help you sleep natural. We believe in the product so much and know how effective it is so we want you to try it so you can find out for yourself.

Sleepzyme Free TrialSleepzyme Free Trial

Warning: Individuals taking (MAOIs), seizure medications or prescription anti-depressants, women who are pregnant/lactating should not take Sleepzyme or any products containing Melatonin. For all other medications you will need to consult with your healthcare provider. *

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